In the current scenario working parents struggle to find a convenient place for their Kids Play Zone. But the companies often overlook this part to offer in the workplace. It is actually an opportunity to provide a valuable perk to the employees what the businesses miss. Here are the advantages discussed below.

Improves productivity

The Bright Horizons, a provider of the onsite employee-sponsored Kids Play Zone, reported as per survey in 2007, the increase in the productivity and the concentration of the employees on the job. The employees can put their whole attention without any distraction as their kids are engaged.

The retention of employees and attract new employees

The employees usually are not willing to change the job due to the benefit of the on-site Kids Play Zone. Additionally, the new job aspirants, who are parents, get attracted to the company because of this on-site Kids Play Zone.


These days it is challenging to find the quality of Kids Play Zone. In that case, Kids Play Zone in the workplace gives the opportunity to the employees to meet personal requirements. They can work with full energy and without any anxiety while the kids play. It also provides immense satisfaction for the employees that they get time to spend with their children when the workload is less or spending the lunch break together playing.

Develops good morale

When a business offer on-site Kids Play Zone, the employee feels that the company really cares for them. They feel valued and motivated. As a result, they contributed wholeheartedly to work.

Emotional Security

Parents feel emotionally secured as they can check on the child from time to time and that their child is looked after by someone in Kids Play Zone associated with their company. They can also avail Toy Review Experts best picks for kids in the Kids Play Zone. There is less anxiety for separation from the child, and they can fully concentrate on the job.

Though the cost and liability can be discouraging on the part of the employer, the benefit is very significant.