The business itself is full of challenges and hurdles. We are talking about women empowerment, still, the problems faced by women who embraced business ownership are vast compared to that of male peers. Women are bold and passionate enough to break all the stereotypes and obstacles and reach the pinnacle of success.

Let us brief the challenges faced by women in business:

  • Difficult to manage the male dominant team: Women entrepreneurs have a hard time managing the male dominant team. Imagine that the woman entrepreneur is young with limited experience, and her team is full of middle-aged experienced guys. Directing and guiding them becomes tough as they often question the entrepreneur’s capability and leadership only because she is a young woman!
  • Difficulty to balance family and business: This is the major issue faced by businesswomen. Managing responsibilities and catering to the family needs and administering the office team and meeting deadlines and targets in parallel is tiresome and exhausting at times.
  • Limited funding: The society in which we live is gender biased. Many women enthusiasts are denied of the loan and funding only because of their sex. The bitter truth is it is not easy for a woman to run the business successfully if she is not rich enough to take care of her funding. The lives of some women entrepreneurs like the owner of Luxtime are truly inspirational and there is a lot to learn from them.
  • Fear of failure: In particular, if a businesswoman is surrounded by skeptical people and pessimists, they constantly impart negativity which is toxic for the women and their business.
  • Being termed as ‘Bossy’: Unfortunately, the confidence and optimism in women make the fellow men tag her ‘bossy’! Sad reality. Being bossy is mean and it has a negative intrinsic meaning.