How to Turn Your Bike into a Profit-Making Business

If you have a passion for bicycles and desire to be self-employed, then you can turn your passion into a profession. You just need the courage to innovate and put it into the application. Here are some innovative ways to turn your bike into a profit-making business.

Cargo bike

You can give your bike a shape of cargo bike where it can transport loads up to 60 kg. You can carry loads on your bike and run a business. Cargo bikes ride differently, and you require practice to run them.  You can also keep drivers if you need more than one bike. The young families also buy a cargo bike to carry their children.

Lead bike tours

If you know your city well, you can use your bike to show the tourists places around your town. You can start leading bike tours on your own, or you can be a partner in any travel and tourism company to conduct a tour. The bike tour guides can earn $75 to $150 a day, and it varies from company to company.

Work as courier

You can work as courier using your bike to deliver food, drinks, snacks and other items on demand. Couriers usually get 80% of the delivery fee and 100% of the tips. They can earn up to $25 in an hour. You can also deliver food to local restaurants or buy and deliver groceries.

Bike garages

The vacant places can be used sensibly for storing bikes. There is a lack of parking spaces that are safe for storing bicycles. But the bicycle riders need the parking space on a regular basis. Thus, you can earn from your best outdoor bike storage.

For advertisement

You can use your bicycle for advertisement and promoting unique ideas or businesses. You can even turn your bicycle into a wedding bicycle to be used by the married couple to move into places where cars are not allowed.

Bicycle workshop

You can conduct classes and workshop for safety and maintenance of bicycles.